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Friday, December 26, 2008

Fixing a Torn Nail

The bane of my nail exsistence is a torn nail episode. It seemingly always happens every two months or so, when my nails are clearly revolting against the lack of adequate moisturization, or from the too-much chemical exposure from cleaning products. Now, it's seems to always be my right thumb nail that cracks on the side. Here's a pic for reference: Yikes! And excuse the remaining holiday mani polish!

Yes, I know I should have been taking my biotin and using my cuticle cream daily, but sometimes with a busy life, it takes a back seat. But regardless of all the preventative measure that I put in place, breaks happen. So, I have mastered a technique that I found through some light online research and practice on how to fix a torn nail. I've slightly modified it to make it work best for me. So, I hope this mini tutorial can help you in the future to save that nail before you resort to clipping and filing!

What you'll need:

Tea packet or tissue
Nail glue
Acetone Nail polish remover
Orange stick

Step One: First, remove all (if any) nail polish and wash and dry hands/nails. Do not moisturize.

Step Two: Carefully cut out a tiny square from the tea bag or tissue. Just enough to cover the tear!

Step Three: Pick up the cut out square with tweezer and apply a dab of nail glue to the tissue. Apply the square to nail tear, covering it completley. Hold down for 5-10 seconds.

Step Four: Dip the orange stick into the acetone polish and clean up any glue from under the nail or the skin surrounding the nail. This is great for getting rid of any nail/skin contact from under the nail when the glue seeps through the crack.

Step Five: Lightly buff the nail to a smooth(er) finish, if desired. Polish if you like!

Here's my repaired nail. Now I only need to buff and file! Viola!

This technique works like a charm until my nail grows out long enough to either trim to an acceptable length or I'll just re-do the repair until all is grown out!

How to prevent nail tears:

MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, and then MOISTURIZE some more. Just an everyday lotion will do the trick. A heavier hand cream works even better. Cuticle oils are best used before bed each night, (and with gloves to prevent staining!)

Use a nail strenghtener daily, even under nail polishes. I love Orly's Nail Armor base coat.

Wear latex gloves when using household chemicals and cleaning products.

Taking a mulit-vitamin helps with overall hair and nail health. Biotin is most frequently recommended by nail-aholics and esteticians for maintianing the health and integrity of nails.


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