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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Pedeggerific

I totally bought into the hype of the Ped Egg. And I wish I hadn't. The Ped Egg did nothing for me. In fact, you could say it made my heels worse off! Granted, my feet are nowhere near what they exaggerate in the advertisments. You know, how the foot is all calloused and crusty and looking like something on a prehistoric animal...But yes, the skin on my heels tends to get harder and somewhat rough on the heels from just everyday wear and outdoor exposure. Plus, I live in South Texas, where the weather is a seemingly constant 75 degrees in the winter. I practically live in a combination of either sandals, flip flops, and flats year round. I need to keep my footsies pretty, right?!

So, on to the review. I really wanted the Ped Egg for one big reason: convenience. Yes, the packaging is cute, it easily fits in the palm of the hand, and the greatest selling point is its ability to contain the foot 'shavings' for easy clean up. Nice, right? I mean, nobody likes having to buff a foot precariously over a trash can! After I purchased the Ped Egg (the LE Pink one, to be specific) at Walgreens for about $10, I was excited to give it a test run. So, I followed the instructions and used it. Here's how the transcript would read: Buff, buff, buff, ow, buff, buff, ow, ow, buff. And so on. It only made my heels sore and rough with torn areas of dry skin! Unsightly and painful. After trying the Ped Egg on several different occasions, unsucessfully, I have decided no longer to invest my time and effort into the Ped Egg.

What works best is the cheapie LA Cross foot board I own, and a slather of BBW C.O Bigelow Mentha foot cream. Viola. You'll get smooth and sandal-ready feet in an instant.

You know, what I expected from the Ped Egg was really for it to be a foot product revolution. What I got was something you'd expect to get from a late night infomercial. At least Billy Mays wasn't selling it. Thank God.


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