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Monday, January 19, 2009


I made my first ever bath of bath fizzies yesterday, and I must say- I did pretty darn good! I was totally expecting to have a disaster. But, I did lots of research before setting forth and embarking on this fun endeavor. I read and read and read a bit more about what ingredients to use and of course, how to use them effectively. It takes some learning, I must say. But I decided that 2009 is the year that I will begin making my own bath and body products. And with this goal in mind, I won't half-ass it like I sometimes tend to do on projects.

No, they weren't perfect by any means, but they mean something more. I actually did something from start to finish, and although it didn't turn out perfect, I feel proud and delighted that an idea conjured up in my head was eventually created with my own two hands. I'm definitley hooked, and the possibilities are flooding my brain with ideas and plans for making more soaps and bath products.


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