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Saturday, January 17, 2009

ChG Blue Sparrow

This shade was really a tough one to get right. I first fell in love with Blue Sparrow when I spotted it among the 2008 ChG Ink collection. It was really the standout shade. In the bottle, Blue Sparrow is a sunny aqua blue with silver micro shimmer throughout.

Now, Blue Sparrow was a PITA. It dried bumpy and uneven. Not what I wanted to achieve. For starters, its a matte polish. Mattes and I don't really mix. It's like we're rivals in the nail polish world. I'm more of a creme, shine, and jelly-formula finish gal.

Blue Sparrow is so eyecatching in the bottle, but that darn matte finish only diminished and underscored the effect of the shimmer quality. So it took a good serving of a base coat (Orly Nail Armor), 2 coats of Blue Sparrow, and 3 coats of a shine topcoat (Revlon Colorstay). Yep, lots of steps but I was able to get achieve a shiny and smooth finish that really gave Blue Sparrow its best showing. I even applied another topcoat after 2 days of wear to add more glaze and shine. Lasted a good week before I moved on to another mani.

Retails for about $6.50-$9 at select beauty retailers, or be a saavy girl and get a Sally's Beauty Discount card to get a bottle for $3 and some change.

Rating: 4/5.


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