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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review: Benefit Benetint

I think that I have come to realize something. I am a real sucker for any lip or cheek stains. It's because I love the concept of a lip stain (read reviews below). The numerous reviews and accolades from top magazines and fellow beauty bloggers made me jump the gun and purchase Benefit's Benetint at Sephora for $28. So I tried it for the first time, and honestly, wasn't blown away or floored by it's 'amazing' qualities. I mean, it applies well, gives a slight rosy tint to the cheeks, but it doesn't really stand out or give me that 'just-came-in from-a-day-of-skiing' look...So, I tried it on the lips and was pleasantly happier with the dewy, slightly rosy tint that it gave...but this quickly faded away into oblivion....
The formula is very watery. I wish it were more of a gel-based stain. This would equate to more pigment. The scent? A pleasant floral rose. And yes, the packaging is cute. The glass jar looks retro, but the nail polish style brush is a bit unique in terms of applicators for a lip stain. No, it doesn't seem very sanitary dipping the brush into the jar and onto the skin and lips constantly.

Honestly, I prefer my Revlon lip stains over Benefit's Benetint. Especially Revlon's Cherry Tart. FYI~ Revlon's stains work great as a liquid blush too. And as a lip stain? Their amazing. Definitley more pigmented than Benetint. But, overall, I will keep Benetint for those casual days where I prefer the more natural look.
Rating: 3/5


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