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Friday, February 27, 2009

DIY Colored Nail Tips

I love the classic French manicure. The iconic white and pink shades work with virtually every outfit/look possible, and it's a fool-proof way to make your hands seem 100 times more graceful. And, I always do them myself. I never have gone to a salon to get artificial nails. It's two things for me: a) fake nails means you need to get glue and acrylic, no thanks! and b) it's friggin' expensive to maintain! So, when I want to make my nails look classic, elegant, and polished, I turn to the classic French mani. But sometimes I put a twist on the classic French and use different colors for the tips of my nails. It's a fun variation from the standard French and really catches eyes.

What I used:

How I did it:

I applied Really Rosy on the tips of my nails in a side-swiping motion. Many tutorials and nail artists rely on nail strips to align the polish evenly, so I recommend this for beginners. It makes the polish apply evenly and is basically foolproof. I have gotten the hang of doing my own nails without a strip. I then let the polish dry, and applied 3 coats of Orly Sealon topcoat, letting each application dry between layers.

*Viola* A perfect for spring manicure!


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