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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

Oh MAC...what a name in the cosmetic world. Known best for their rich pigments and shade selections, MAC has a continual revolving series of collections each season. Barbie, BBR, Heatherette, Fafi, and on and on and then on some more... But their latest collection has me intrigued. It's the damn packaging, though. Yes, Hello Kitty is nostalgic to many 22 year olds. Gosh, as far back as I can remember, I was a huge Sanrio fan. Especially growing up in Hawaii! It was everywhere! To this day, my sister and I still have a bag of erasers and pogs with the designs of Hello Kitty, Pochacco (my fav), and Keroppi! Just writing this brings a flood of memories. The excitement of being 4 and 5 and heading to the PX and picking out a new eraser or pencil with any one of these characters and being so proud to carry them around. So, I have decided to pick up a few of the HK collection and spend moderately rather than lose obscene amounts of moolah just for an items adorable packaging!

Mini-Haul Plan:
Lipglass in Sweet Strawberry
Blush in Fun & Games
Lipstick in Strayin'


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