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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review: Hard Candy Fragrance

First things first, fragrances are all about personal preferences...That said, Hard Candy is an absolutely delicious and flirty scent in my book! I had a sample from Sephora that I kept in my vanity for about 6 months before actually trying it out. Oh my, I fell in love with it at first spritz! And then, here's the great news...I was able to purchase a full-sized 1.7 oz bottle for only $10 through their website. It was a super clearance event. Apparently Hard Candy is reorganizing their company.

Anyhow, Hard Candy reminds me of a trip to a carnival. It's reminisint of caramel popcorn and vanilla cotton candy on a warm summer evening. I would consider this a muskier scent that lingers throughout the day. It dries down on a heavier vanilla note, which I happen to love in a fragrance.
Sure, Hard Candy really caters to the younger population, but I can really see this fragrance on anyone who wants to exude fun, flirty, carefree, yet a hint of mysterious-ness....well, as far as a fragrance can allow. I recieve many compliments on this fragrance, but it never overpowers any situation~very silky and smooth notes. It's even perfect for the autumn/winter months. It's really a quick pick-me-up in a bottle. Hey, even the bottle rocks. It looks great on my vanity fragrance tray! I only wish that it would never run out....9.5/10


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