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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review: NYX 'Pinky' Blush

Oh my, I surely love this bubblegum-pink blush! I was on the hunt for a perfect pink blush and I found it with NYX 'Pinky'. I was actually going to get a $25 Nars blush before I found this at my local HEB for only $5usd, its really a fantastic deal!! The quality, consistency, pigmentation, and application is comparible to that of high-end brands. Applied with my cheapie elf blush brush, I now have instantly bubblegum-pink cheeks in an instant. It goes perfect with my work uniform! but thats another!
And with the $20 I saved buying this NYX blush, I can get 20 dollar-menu items at McDonalds. Ah yes....good times.

Review: Lancome Power Oscillation Primer

I had this sitting in my makeup drawer for months. I recieved this as a gift and it just sat there, never getting any attention. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, when I have excess time on my hands before going to work. I decided to give it a spin and wow~what have I been missing out on?!

This eyelash primer makes my lashes so much fuller and volumous, so much so that after I apply my normal mascara (Rimmell Glam Eyes), my lashes look kinda fake! But in a good way. Yeah, I already have thick, dark lashes, but this just makes them live up to their fullest potential, if that makes any sense.

Packaging is interesting, to say the least. The vibrating effect probably isn't necessary, really....come on...But it's a big selling point with Lancome lately. Hear about their new vibrating foundation? lol....anyways, application is a breeze, I just apply it on my lashes. It coats the lashes with its white formula and I let it 'set' for about a minute before applying my regular mascara. All in all, a 4.5 rating. The price point, of course, brings the rating down. But at around $40usd, you'll be pleasantly suprised with how transformed your lashes will appear!