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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Review: Covergirl Lipstain in Everbloom Kiss

Not too bad, Covergirl. Not too bad....

I was truly and pleasantly suprised with this drugstore lipstain! The quality and value you get for the money is great! This easily earns marks higher than the Vincent Longo, Urban Decay, Bliss, Laura Mercier, and other higher end names lipstains out there, all of which I have tried to no success. Covergirl has made a fantastic lipstain for the budget beauty diva to get her hands on easily especially in these tighter economic times.
Let me begin by saying that a lipstain is my favorite lip product medium. A stain, ideally, infuses your lips with a long lasting, semi-permanant color that stays put for longer than lipsticks, glosses, or balms. This format is great for me. It diminishes the needs for touchups and reapplications throughout the day.
Everbloom Kiss is a lovely, darker flushed raspberry pink that applies quite opaque, but soft on the lips. It never overpowers a finished look. Yes, packaging is different. It's like sharpie marker. You can't mess up with this format~it's fool-proof! I can quickly apply this on my lips and it distributes the color evenly. After an hour or more, I don't have that dreaded line around the edge of my lips that are routine with many, many other lipstains out there.
My only complaint would be not knowing how much product is in the tube itself, or how much is remaining! It's basically a wait and see. A window would be helpful to view the product. But overall, a great buy at less than $8 at any local drugstore or grocer!


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